We, concerned Californians are putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot to eliminate government unions in California. Union bosses have run our state in the shadows for about 50 years. They punish candidates who don’t do their bidding for them. There is even evidence that they manipulate the courts.


Home of the Brave!

I believe in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. I do not believe in the Land of Government Control and the Home of the Fearful. …

In the spirit of reading as many facts as possible to build a point of view, I submit this vast research on corona virus from my amazing and brilliant physician. As a scientist, she is completely unbiased in her presentation of these facts. Over time, we will discover which approach(es)worked best. It may be fortuitous that different countries approached this crisis differently, so we will have a basis for evaluating this kind of challenge in the future. Is Sweden’s laissez-faire attitude going to prove the most prescient, or is it the draconian approach of locking down everyone until there are zero deaths? Or maybe the best model is somewhere in the middle? Two-week shutdown and back to work? Only lock down those “at risk?” Which is better for humanity short term? Which is better long term? Lots of questions exist out there. Are we working together to save humanity or are we just losing our freedom? Do the masks actually work or does the virus go right through as some scientists claim and Government is overreaching by forcing their use? Who to save? Young futures or old lives?Are we getting closer to our loved ones or are we sacrificing the educations of our youth? How about herd immunity. Do we lose it for future generations if we isolate now? What are the long term effects of what the financial world is calling The Great Suppression? Will this be a deep V or a long L? Should we be the huddled masses or should we get back to work? I hope you enjoy the various perspectives presented. And please… think for yourself. Don’t immediately delegate your opinions and give your brain up to the local news or to the political leaders. Analyze the data. Read on. Best, Tim

Hello —

We have now had over a month of “shelter in place” to combat the spread of COVID-19 and to avoid a surge in hospital admissions that would overwhelm our healthcare system. In California, we have been successful at flattening the curve and our numbers of hospitalizations and deaths…

President Draper for a day.

Danny Nelson of CoinDesk asked me what I would do if I was President for a day. Here is what I wrote:

Thanks for asking Danny:

I would drive decentralization. Make Bitcoin a national currency. Break California into 6 states. Release Ross Ulbricht. Have people…

A nation united. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Are we?

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear our leaders, and our opinion makers, and the press tell us that, as a people, we are a nation divided — divided Republican and Democrat, Liberal and Conservative…

The Startup Government

Preface. Tribalism to globalism.

The Startup Religion. We have a particularly diverse student body at Draper University, and in the program, the students are asked to do challenging projects in teams. As a result, they build extraordinarily tight bonds with each other. …

Tim Draper

Tim Draper is a venture capitalist and author of How to be The Startup Hero

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