No Government Unions

Tim Draper
2 min readAug 10, 2021

We, concerned Californians are putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot to eliminate government unions in California. Union bosses have run our state in the shadows for about 50 years. They punish candidates who don’t do their bidding for them. There is even evidence that they manipulate the courts.

Union bosses have taken California schools from the top to the bottom, they have made it so that there are fewer jobs, more homeless, and people are fleeing the state to work. They have brought California quality of life from 1st to 50th. They have brought California from the first to the worst state to do business in.

Union bosses donate to politicians. Politicians set union salaries and benefits. This can lead to favoritism, or even corruption. Government unions are anathema to being a free country.

Since the year 2000, the average California government employee makes more and works fewer hours than the people who pay their taxes. This feels like socialism. That was not the case when California was number one.

All pay increases of union members are tied to seniority. The great teachers and administrators make no more than those who twiddle their thumbs and watch the clock.

John Kass, the CTA (California Teachers) Union boss brought his own kids to private school after he shut down public schools in the pandemic.

Even Richard Brown, who runs the SEIU local 1000 in California believes that Union political spending is wrong. What he doesn’t say is that while the rest of us get Social Security and Medicare, his union gets absurdly generous pensions, longer vacations and health care benefits.

We believe this is the most important issue Californians can get behind. If we make this change, with our California ingenuity, drive and creativity, we will almost certainly be number one again. We have the Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the best weather in the world. We know we can be the #1 state again.

Stay tuned for how you can support the campaign. We will need many signatures and much campaign support to make this critical change.

Note that all union members will get up to one year of severance and all contracts currently in place will remain in place if we pass this initiative.

We will be holding a press conference in a few weeks to answer any questions that you have.



Tim Draper

Tim Draper is a venture capitalist and author of How to be The Startup Hero