Tim Draper
2 min readMar 1, 2020


President Draper for a day.

Danny Nelson of CoinDesk asked me what I would do if I was President for a day. Here is what I wrote:

Thanks for asking Danny:

I would drive decentralization. Make Bitcoin a national currency. Break California into 6 states. Release Ross Ulbricht. Have people use Aragon for trial by jury. Make any increases in government worker salaries tied to GDP growth (rather than cpi). Eliminate the 33 and 40 Acts that keep the poor poor and the rich rich. I would make regulators wait until there were over 100 customer lawsuits or 5 years before they start regulating a startup. I would start research and experimenting with an earth umbrella outside the atmosphere (to combat global warming), a mag lev launcher for rockets (better for environment, uses less energy), put 5G everywhere, and encourage the use of better public transport (via companies like SkyTran and Hyperloop).

I would start to offer olive branches to all our trading partners. Over time, I would eliminate TSA and Customs in favor of AI solutions. Over time, I would drop the borders for anyone who will come and is willing to work without any entitlements, minimum wage or benefits that a citizen would get…until they earn citizenship. I would make education a market system, where parents could choose the school that is best for their child, and the money follows the parent (school vouchers). I would automate the government as much as possible with digital voting, digital ID, AI insurance, single app for all citizens.

I would move toward a health care system where diagnostics are driven by data and interpreted by the doctor, and where drugs would be expected to be bespoke to the actual patient (not one size fits all).

I would try out a UBI/tax system using Bitcoin, starting with tiny amounts to everyone, to rise as the currency spread.

I would tie the amount the government could spend to whatever they raised the year before, where Congress would vote on shares of the budget rather than committing specific dollar amounts.

Then, at midnight that day, I would resign.




Tim Draper

Tim Draper is a venture capitalist and author of How to be The Startup Hero